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Our Nursing Staff

Tonya, Heather and Lisa

The skilled and caring nursing staff at the Allergy & Asthma Specialty Clinic guide patients through each office visit. Our nurses come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and take great pride in providing our patients with compassionate and exceptional care.

You will see our nurses handle many of the aspects of a patient's visit. From taking medical history and vital signs to performing skin testing, lung function testing and allergy shots, our staff is second to none. The nurses also are a part of the chronic disease team providing education about the disease, trigger avoidance, use of medications, inhaler and peak flow meter techniques and assist in formulating an action plan.

When our patients have questions about their medications, need medical advice or need to address more acute problems, they can call our office and speak with one of our nurses or leave a message for a nurse to return a call. In most cases, nurses are able to return calls within just a few hours, and almost always within 24 hours.